I Know Exactly What I need.
Hi I'm Lieneke, 19, the Netherlands.
I sold my soul to marvel
and I draw things

busy with internship and playing a lot of animal crossing, so I guess I'm on semi hatius right now.

Animal Crossing Dream Address:


Elektra color by ~MATT-A-NASHI

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”…You’re killin’ me, kid.”

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colour palettes ➝ Star-Lord for peterjasonquills

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Winter Soldier + bionic arm


Rocket Raccoon #6 cover

In which Robert Downey Jr. brings up Mark Ruffalo’s attractiveness even though it is irrelevant to the question.

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See A Preview Of Marvel’s First Female Thor Issue

Earlier this summer, Marvel announced a huge change to the iconic Thor comic series: the new Thor would be a woman

See our full preview of the first issue with three more exclusive pages here. 


The sound effect words in comics never disappoint.

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Kate Bishop - Hero for Hire (no joke)

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there’s not enough bruce banner on my dash and i’m fixing that 6/